Hi, I’m Ashlee Magee. After a soul draining day at the office – my new day dream was conceived. How nice would it be to work with flowers? Flowers make people happy. Simple. I made a bouquet for my best friend; Karen’s birthday. At first glance, an on-looker placed a weekly arrangement order. And so it began, my first accidental client evolved into so much more. The truth is, it is a labor of love and it is not for the faint of heart.

I grew up watching my mom create, in between long – hard hours at the office,  laughing until the wee hours while organizing + redesigning my bedroom – practically every turn of the season. My dad has always been an entrepreneur and that fire has been burning inside my heart, as long as I can remember. It has been a journey to find my true style and aesthetic voice. I love consulting on curating the story that is unique for you. I started professional styling in Spring of 2006, fortunately over the last year, it has expanded from wardrobe to interiors + event styling.

Heritage Bloom is an Artisan boutique floristry and lifestyle company based out of Southern California. With a design emphasis on floral + event styling. My designs are inspired by my love for everything natural + vintage with a bohemian modern edge, while highlighting the authenticity of the client, couple, or organization I am commissioned by. I’ve had the honor of being recognized by signature apparel + interior house; Anthropologie.

I am a foliage lover, an accidental florist, a style hunter, and an idea binger. I’ve been blessed with a fellow wild heart + spirited daughter, who stretches me to grow on the daily. I currently live in Oceanside with my blue jean baby; Rylee Grace. We adore North County + love watching the grass root revival happening locally. When not on adventure with my babe, I can be found pulling European imports + uniquely inspired blooms at market or collecting one of a kind vintage pieces, that help put my curated signature into legacy.

Let’s meet up and talk about your next project, photoshoot or event. Contact for design consultation.